Co-working space Elevator Spaces

Elevator Spaces opens 4-Story Co-Warehousing and Co-Working

Elevator is now open! Located on 14th and Jones in the Old Market District, Elevator offers month-to-month warehousing, office space, fulfillment, and on-demand labor, and serves entrepreneurs and businesses that sell and ship physical goods.

business | 2022-11-07

In July, the startup announced its seed round of $1.7 million to launch the first location to renovate its space, develop logistical capabilities, and grow its team. Elevator was co-founded by Shannon and Emiliano Lerda.

Co-founder, Emiliano Lerda, says “Co-warehousing serves a growing and important segment of entrepreneurs and is a highly scalable business model. We’re excited to expand our physical footprint to many locations around the United States."

The four-story building opened having pre-sold over 20% occupancy and is gaining new members every week. The 77,000 square feet facility holds 75 warehouses, 17 offices, underground parking, and 7,000+ square feet of shared space.

The building boasts a beautiful mix of industrial materials and historic brick throughout, with stunning views of the Old Market from the upper floors and rooftop deck. The space features high-end furniture from Hutch, a stocked kitchen, music in the lobby, and reception services, and is unlike any other warehouse you’ve seen.

Co-founder, Shannon Lerda, was an e-commerce entrepreneur herself. “Co-warehousing fills a need for small and medium e-commerce companies. As a former e-commerce business owner, I personally understand the challenges these companies are facing. I am inspired by their stories of perseverance through adversity, and want to provide the support and resources they need to elevate their business to the next level,“ she said.

Elevator brings together a community of e-commerce entrepreneurs, makers, and small businesses that were previously isolated and working from home. Educational and social events are hosted at Elevator for the members on a regular basis. The company also offers on-demand labor to help small businesses that can’t afford a full-time employee, or find workers.

One of the founding members, Stephen Toller of Motherboard said, “Elevator is a cool place to be and a great way to grow my business. I use their on-demand labor staff to get tasks and fulfillment done so I can focus on growth.”

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